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WisconsinResponsibleServing.com offers Small Business and Corporate Packages that employers can customize to meet their business needs. By special arrangement, we are able to offer the PSCC Rserving Employer Account Interface as a free account for businesses to train servers in Responsible Serving® of Food & Alcohol.

4 Easy Steps for Wisconsin Bar/Restaurant Employers & Managers
  1. Sign up for the Free Employer Account. (click the signup button below)
    You will receive a username/password by email.
  2. Login and purchase course tokens for your employees.
    Course tokens never expire and can be issued online to employees as needed by logging in. Course tokens are available for Responsible Serving® of Alcohol and Food Safety for Handlers.
  3. Assign course tokens to employees.
    Your employees will receive an email from our system with their own username/password to take the course.
  4. Print copies of student certificates and monitor online course progress.
    Each student can also print his/her own certificate.

Rserving Wisconsin Employer Account

The Employer Account Interface, exclusive to the Rserving Learning System, allows employers to track the progress of their employees, monitor quiz and test results, and print certificates directly from their computer.

As a benefit to employers purchasing a customized Corporate Training Package, employers can reprint any lost certificates and ensure that their records stay up-to-date.


Customize your Corporate Training Package! You can select as many course token codes as you need and assign them to employees. These token codes can be used for a variety of courses on the PSCC Learning System and can be redeemed at any time. Token codes do not expire!

The Corporate Training Package includes:
  • Bulk rate token codes that do not expire
  • PSCC Employer Interface
  • Online business listing with WisconsinResponsibleServing.com
  • Incident Report Log
  • Ability to enroll employees in Responsible Serving® of Food & Alcohol as needed

Signing up for the employer account is FREE. You can sign back in at any time to purchase courses for your employees. Sign up now!