• A. Except in Class "A" beer premises between midnight and 8:00 a.m. (or any time when the sale of fermented malt beverages is prohibited by municipal ordinance), one of the following must be present on all licensed premises during all business hours:
    1. The licensee, or;
    2. An adult member of licensee's immediate family (actually living in the licensee's household), or;
    3. The corporation agent, (the agent's immediate family members must have an operators' license, if they supervise the premises in the agent's absence), or;
    4. The holder of a provisional operator's license (issued to persons enrolled in the responsible beverage server training course pending approval of an operator's license by the municipal governing body), or;
    5. The holder of an operator's or manager's license.
  • B. An adult working under the immediate supervision of any of the above does not need an operator's license.
    NOTE: "Immediate supervision" means that the licensed person must be able to watch and supervise each unlicensed person's actions. This means that the licensed person must be in the same room or area as the unlicensed person, near enough to see and talk to him or her, and to be able to actually supervise the unlicensed person.
  • C. An operator's license is good in any premises in the municipality where it has been issued, but it may be used only in that municipality. Licensees may be prosecuted for not having the required supervision on their premises.