HomeIn the state of Wisconsin, you need to have a licensed operator or the licensee in charge of the establishment during all business hours. Whether you are applying for a liquor license or an operator's license (often called a "bartender's license"), you will need to be certified in a responsible beverage service training program, such as the PSCC Responsible Serving® Course, that has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.
Note: If the establishment is large and has several bars or serving areas, a licensed operator is required to be in charge of each distinct area.
Are there any exceptions to the Responsible Serving® requirements for Bartenders, Sellers, & Servers?

Yes, you may be able to waive that requirement if:
  1. You are renewing a valid operator's license
  2. You held a Wisconsin retail or operator's license within the last 2 years, or
  3. You completed an approved responsible beverage serving training requirement in the last 2 years.
What are the qualifications for an Operator's License (Bartending License)?

To receive an Wisconsin Operator's License you must:
  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Meet criminal record requirements, and
  3. Be certified by a responsible beverage service training program.
Does my Operator's License move with me when I change jobs?
Your Operator's license can be used throughout your municipality. However, it is important to understand that an Operator's License is only valid for the municipality in which it was issued.

Read the law regarding requirements for on-site supervision of establishments licensed to sell/serve alcohol in Wisconsin.

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